What our Graduates have to say:


Michael Johnson - UL Graduate

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Thomas O’Shea - UL Graduate 2002, UL PhD 2007

“The Electronics skills I learned at UL enabled me to join the Analog Devices team in Raheen, Limerick. As part of the High Speed Interface Group, I am required to develop state of the art test solutions and maintenance protocols for the transceivers and receivers that are now an integral part of modern industrial and automotive communications systems.”


Seamus O’Loughlin - UL Graduate 2009

“As a graduate of the UL BSc in Electronics, I am now responsible for the planning and implementation of new major capital projects within ESB Networks. These projects involve the deployment of new and the upgrade of existing 38kV substations, the connection of new wind farms onto the ESB grid system, the replacement of cables in our major cities and the construction of new overhead lines. This work is in line with the ESB’s stated objective to achieve a 30% reduction in its internal carbon footprint by 2012, and to become a net carbon-neutral company by 2035.”