What Opportunities are there for Electronics Graduates?

The electronics sector remains one of the fastest growing areas of employment in Ireland and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The BSc in Electronics at UL will place you at the forefront of technological development in a diverse range of areas including the design, test and deployment of new electronic products, devices and systems, smart housing, energy management, health and well-being, transport and the leisure/entertainment industry.


Employment opportunities exist in the development, deployment, maintenance and enhancement of smart electronic systems. This includes computer and related industries, utility service providers, medical devices design companies etc. For example: electricity generation companies (traditional and green generation) require smart electronic systems to monitor and distribute the generated power in addition to providing smart metering services

Graduates from this course are in demand and have successfully developed careers in the following areas both nationally and internationally:

§  Design and Installation of Smart Electronic Meters.

§  Energy Management Devices & Systems.

§  Healthcare & Biomedical Systems.

§  Green Technology. 

§  Utility Monitoring–Water, Heating, Lighting Measurement and Instrumentation.

§  Telecommunication Systems’ - Installation & Monitoring.

§  Wearable Electronic Devices.

§  Security Installations.

§  Smart transport monitoring and control systems.

§  Robotics.

§  Smart buildings.

§  Advanced Study & Research