The course structure for Electronics is very well balanced to ensure that students are given the opportunity to develop into world leaders in the Smart Electronics arena.

The first year of the course is common with first year of LM083 BSc in Mobile Communications and Security. This year is designed to provide students with a strong practical and theoretical foundation in: computing and programming languages, digital and analogue electronics, computer architecture and mathematics. As part of the University’s goal of offering a more rounded education general electives in business and foreign languages in year one have been made available.

In addition students may avail of ‘any time transfer’ within this first year and can change to or from the LM080/LM083 course.

In years 2, 3 and 4, the material covered comes under the following major topics:

§  Energy Management Smart electronic energy generation and metering, software ‘apps’ and services for wireless meters, electronics for the built environment and energy ratings.

§  Software Programming for computers and mobile devices, embedded software in electronic systems, networks, the internet and Cloud Computing.

§  Electronic Circuit Design and Test Troubleshooting and reliability, automatic testing, large scale system integration and test.

§  Robotics and Automation Industrial automation, sensors and actuators, image processing, instrumentation and control.

§  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Formation – Students who are interested in forming their own company can pursue the entire minor option in Entrepreneurship and small business formation that is currently offered by the Kemmy Business School to UL business degree students as part of LM080.

All the topics are reinforced with hands-on practical laboratory material.

Industrial work experience is normally provided through a positive and motivating thirty-week period of Cooperative Education, which is an integral part of the course beginning in the spring of year 3. It provides students with practical and applied experience in the application of electronic systems where the student will get the first taste of how the skills and knowledge acquired in the course will apply in the workplace.

In the final year (year 4) students undertake a major individual project, which in general solves a real world problem. The project involves advanced design and implementation, and builds confidence by putting into practice the skills and techniques acquired throughout the course

LM080 Programme of Study in more detail. (Click Here for module outline descriptions)

The programme is broken into two parts.

1.    Year 1 is common with the BSc in Mobile Communications and Security (LM083). This allows for easy transfer between both degree programmes during year 1.

2.     Years 2, 3 and 4 are designed to offer specialist modules in Energy Management, Software, Electronic Circuit Design and Test, Robotics and Automation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Formation.

Part I:

Year 1

Semester 1

Semester 2


Science Mathematics 1

Science Mathematics 2


Computer Software 1

Computer Software 2


Digital Electronics

Computer Systems Architecture 1


Laboratory Skills

Analogue Electronics


Language/Business Elective 1*

Language/Business Elective 2*

Part II:


Year 2

Semester 3

Semester 4


Analogue Electronics 3

Analogue Electronics 4


Computer Software 3

Mobile APP Development


Outcome based learning laboratory

Electrical Energy


Science Mathematics 3

Sensors and Actuators


Communications Networking Fundamentals

TCP/IP Networking

OR    Project Management

OR    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Year 3

Semester 5

Semester 6



Instrumentation and Control



Electrical Power Systems

Co-Operative Education (including summer)


Embedded Software



Applied Electronics / Robotics



Network Protocols Laboratory


OR    Enterprise Formation

Year 4

Semester 7

Semester 8


Electronics for the Built Environment 1

Electronics for the Built Environment 2


Electronics and the Environment

Power Electronics


Project 1

Project 2


Specialist Elective 1**

Specialist Elective 3**


Specialist Elective 2**

Specialist Elective 4 **


*Year 1 Electives:

Language - Spanish 1/2; French for Engineers 1/2; German for Engineers 1/2.

Business Electives - Principles of Accounting; Marketing;


**Year 4 Specialist Electives:

These modules allow you to focus on a technical area of your choice. Presently you can choose from; Digital Circuit and System Test; Enterprise Development; Communications Networking Standards; Distributed Computing and Java; Analogue and Mixed-Signal Test; Small Business Consulting; Control 2; Mobile and Wireless Java.