Course Code: LM083
Level: Honours Bachelor Degree (Level 8)
Length: 4 Years
Contact: Dr Martin Hayes
Phone: + 353 61 205277
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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This bachelors degree in Mobile Communications and Security teaches students the skills to become world class IT specialists. The programme offered is practical, challenging and rewarding with a significant national and international appeal. The ICT sector in Ireland is seen as a key driver for the future development of Ireland’s smart economy. Most forecasts suggest a sustained, strong growth for ICT that will provide significant future jobs and career opportunities in this country and also worldwide.


This programme will equip you with the necessary expertise to become a leader of the on-going mobile networking and cloud computing revolution. LM083 has a common year with LM080, the BSc in Electronics. This offers the student great flexibility where they can make an informed decision in year 1 to choose their ICT specialist area of study for the remaining 3 years of their degree.

As a graduate of the BSc in Mobile Communications and Security honours degree, you will be well placed to build secure, safe and reliable networks to counter web and computer based crime. Indeed previous graduates of this discipline have gone on to achieve senior positions in the IT industry as well as founding and developing their own companies.